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Model: 5319 - 1331
Padded collar, zip-front, long-sleeved bomber jacket.Wide elastic detail pants.S2-M2-L1..
Ex Tax:5,050.00TL
Model: 5295 - 4389
Layered collar, button-front, long-sleeved, padded blazer jacket.Zipper closure, mini skirtS2-M2-L1..
Ex Tax:5,225.00TL
Model: 5297 - 4391
Double-breasted cropped jacket with front button fastening and shoulder pads. Pleated mini skirt with side zipper closure S2-M2-L1%75 Polyester %25 Viscose %1 Ea..
Ex Tax:4,100.00TL
Model: 5332 - 4411
Layered collar, button-front, long-sleeved, padded blazer jacket.Zipper closure, office-length skirt.S2-M2-L1..
Ex Tax:5,400.00TL
Model: 5335 - 1334
V-neck, button-up front, cups and rose detail vest. Fitted trousers with zipper and button closure. S2-M2-L1%70 Polyester %23 Viskon %7Ea..
Ex Tax:3,775.00TL
Model: 5309 - 5310 - 1326
Layered collar, button front, patch pochet, padded, long sleeved oversize jacket,V neck, button front, sleeveless vest,Plated wide leg palazzo pants. S2-M2-L1%64 Polyester %32 Viskon %Ea..
Ex Tax:8,025.00TL
Model: 5314 - 4396
Blazer jacket with a lapel collar, front button fastening, padded, long sleeves and crest detail.Mini skirt with metal buckles and belt loops. Front flap fake pockets and side concealed zip fastening.S2-M2-L1%64 Polyester %32 Viskon %4 Elastan..
Ex Tax:4,775.00TL
Model: 5302-4393
Shirt collar, long-sleeved, padded, concealed button detail crop jacket.Cargo pocket detailed asymmetric mini skirt.S2-M2-L1%92 Viskon %8 Polyester..
Ex Tax:4,475.00TL
Model: 12210
Jacket dress with double-breasted closure, long sleeves and gold button detail. S2-M1-L1 100% Polyester..
Ex Tax:2,480.00TL
Model: 12213
Short dress with square neckline, shoulder pads, long sleeves, double-breasted closure, side pockets and gold button detail.S2-M1-L1%65 Viscose %30 Polyester %5 Ea..
Ex Tax:2,780.00TL
Model: 5305 - 4394
Collared collar, darts, metal button fastening on the front, shoulder pads, and long sleeves. Straight, darted, zippered, cashmere mini skirt.S2-M2-L1%100 Polyester..
Ex Tax:4,425.00TL
Model: 5315 - 1328
Long vest with a V-neck, front button fastening, fillet pockets and darts. Palazzo trousers with double pleats and side pocketsS2-M2-L1%70 Polyester %25 Viscose %5Ea..
Ex Tax:3,900.00TL
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