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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Purpose Of Privacy / Personal Data Protection Policy

This Privacy / Personal Data Protection Policy;

a. Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD.'s online shopping platform / what kind of personal data it collects,

b. How this personal data is used,

c. who un can share your personal data with,

o. what rights you have over your personal data that un processes and how you can exercise those rights,

d. Explains how you can change your positive or negative preferences for receiving electronic commercial messages.

Your processed personal data, the purpose and Basis Of Personal Data Processing

Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD. in order to better serve its customers and through the arrangement of the material in these publications 5651 internet law and relevant secondary legislation on combating crime, No. 6563 on the regulation of electronic commerce law and relevant secondary legislation, the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 and No. 6698 a law on the protection of personal data of the relevant legislation within the framework of the legal obligation; we ask you for personal data (including but not limited to first name, last name, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail, address, product information on the exchange) that will enable you to fulfill such purpose and legal obligations. This is personal data “” in order to benefit from membership benefits, upon your express consent, this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and communication permission will be processed and stored in accordance with the purposes and scope of the information security measures not to be used outside of.

Communication Permission

“Terms”and the privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and communications by accepting a permit, you have shared with us your personal information; and various advantages will be available to you to achieve sales, marketing or any communication for the purpose of sending messages for similar purposes; collection, storage, processing, use, transfer, and again for the same purpose URBANAC textile design and TIC. CO. LTD. you expressly consent to its sharing. This information will be provided to you perfect the ability to offer services only possible in a healthy way, your shipments delivery, telephone, SMS and/or e-mail notifications via our in order to be delivered on time, the contractual relationship we are sharing our data security awareness, which comply with the provisions of relevant legislation 3. it will be shared with people only in case of need and to the extent necessary.

Your Rights To Your Personal Data

Your personal data is processed so that it can be used for the purpose of processing, whether personal data is transferred abroad or to a third person find out, missing, or incorrectly processed or processed your personal data in case of any change in personal data is involved, this change your data and update and/or delete your personal data transferred to third parties of this request to be notified of the situation “in order to https:/” the website “My Account” section to access your account and necessary changes, you can perform such operations as updating and/or deleting.

Personal Data Retention Time

In accordance with the law No. 6563 on the regulation of Electronic Commerce; approval, withdrawal of the approval, the content of the commercial electronic message and other records related to the sending shall be recorded for submission to the Ministry when necessary and shall be stored for 3 years from the date of the expiration of the validity of the approval. Your personal data will be deleted, destroyed or made anonymous by our company or upon your request after the time has passed.

Cookie Usage

Cookies, “ " text files that contain small snippets of information that are uploaded by your Internet Browser when you visit the website and stored on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

“” visitors to provide better service to visitors and members in order to exploit the benefits of membership and legal obligation within the framework of this privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and communications with the permission of specified browsing with the record that your information will not be used outside the scope and objectives collect, process, share with third parties and will be stored securely.

“” so, you do a special promotion to provide promotions and marketing offers, you improve the content of the website and/or for the purpose of determining your preferences; navigation information on the site and/or your membership usage history is followed by on site. “ " we use cookies and persistent cookies to log on to our website and mobile site. The session ID cookie ends when you close your browser. A persistent cookie stays on your hard drive for a long time. By following the instructions given in the "help" file of your Internet browser or by “ "or “ you can remove persistent Cookies by visiting" and reject both session cookies and persistent Cookies. If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you may continue to use the website and the mobile site, but you may not be able to access all functions of the website and the mobile site, or your access may be limited.

“” how does it use third party cookies for advertising and retargeting?

“” we also have cookies; search engines “” the web site or mobile site and/or “”’s ads when you visit web sites that may be of interest in order to provide you with ads, “ad technology” may use to implement. Ad technology is designed to serve you specific ads on the website/mobile site and “ it uses information about previous visits to "' s advertising websites/mobile sites. In presenting these ads, “ "a third party cookie may be placed in your browser so that" s may recognize you. “ " ’s website/mobile site also; Google, Inc. It uses Google Analytics and Google Adwords, a web analytics service provided by ("Google"). Google Analytics and Google Adwords use cookies to analyze how visitors use the website/mobile site. Information about your use of this website/mobile site (including your IP address) is transferred to and stored by Google. Google will evaluate your use of this information on the website / mobile site, “” will use the website/mobile site activity to compile and provide other services related to the website/mobile site activity and internet use. But it won't match your IP address with other data stored by Google. For more information about using Google Analytics, visit:

Departure From Membership

If you do not wish to withdraw such permission and no longer wish to receive messages sent to you for campaign promotions or informational purposes, then you may opt-in at any time. you may send an e-mail to or click on the exit link in the messages sent to you or URBANAC Tekstil design and TIC. CO. LTD. you can notify customer service by calling +90 (0212) 643 60 97.

Sharing Personal Data With Authorities

Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD. your personal data regarding membership and traffic information such as your navigation information; your security and URBANAC Tekstil design and TIC. CO. LTD. in order to fulfill its obligation to the law (such as the fight against crime, the threat to state and public security), it shall be able to share this information with the public institutions and organizations legally authorized to request it.

Measures For The Protection Of Personal Data

Protection of personal data URBANAC Textile Design and Trade Co. CO. LTD. it is an important issue for. Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD. we take appropriate measures to protect against unauthorized access to personal data or the loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of such information. Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD. it uses Generally Accepted security technology standards such as firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when storing personal data. In addition, through its website/mobile site, URBANAC Textile Design and TIC. CO. LTD. when sending or sending your personal data, this data is transferred using SSL.

Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD. we are committed to keeping your personal data confidential and to taking all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure confidentiality and security and to taking due care. Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD. in the event that personal data is damaged or may fall into the hands of third parties as a result of attacks on the website and the system, URBANAC Tekstil design and TIC takes the necessary information security measures. CO. LTD. we will notify you and the Personal Data Protection Board immediately.

Changes to privacy / Personal Data Protection Policy and communication permission

Urbanac Textile Design and trade. CO. LTD. you may change this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and contact permission at any time. These changes include the amended new privacy / Personal Data Protection Policy and the communication permission "" upon being placed on the site, it becomes effective immediately. We will inform you of any changes to this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communications permission.

Applicable law, competent court and Enforcement offices

This Privacy / Personal Data Protection Policy and permission to communicate are governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Istanbul Central Court and Enforcement offices are authorized to resolve any dispute that may arise from the application of privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and communication permission.