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Social Responsibility Projects

Fk.Pynappel x Ashura Foundation

Projenin ismi: Dream Garden For Children
Projenin gerçekleştiği yer: Tanzania Ashura Foundation Orphanage
Every 5 seconds on earth, a child starves to death. It is critical that the investments to reach zero hunger by 2030 be in rural areas. About 151 million children under the age of 5 have excessively short paint over their age due to poor nutrition. In 2012, that number was 165 million. Globally, Africa and Asia host 39 percent and 55 percent of children who have not grown up, respectively. the pynappel family, we want to draw attention to one thing, boys...

One of our greatest dreams was to share the dreams of our helpless children in Africa. Because realizing their dreams was one of our greatest dreams.

We wanted to realize the dreams of the children in the orphanage that were brought to life by the Ashura Foundation and we turned our route to Tanzania and we would like to thank the Ashura Foundation, Yeşim Davutoglu and our Turkish ambassador to Tanzania, Ali Davutoglu, who supported us on this path. may we share the dreams of many more of our children.